Image of Dynaswing Training Bat 27 Inch

Dynaswing Training Bat 27 Inch


Dynaswing is here to change how you train! Our weighted training bat is unlike ANY weighted bat in the market. Unlike traditional weighted bats that only promote strength while creating fatigue and poor form, our bat has weight inside the barrel that moves with the swing, from contact to follow-through. So say goodbye to the overly-heavy bats that you can barely get around on. Our Dynamic Core Technology helps players develop a powerful follow-through while keeping the hands flat throughout the zone.


- Designed for all ages

- Quality Maple bat

- Reinforced aluminum core for extended durability

- Matte Black finish with Satin Gloss to prevent chipping

- Dynamic Core Technology

- Provides auditory correction indicator that ensures the player's hands are in the correct vertical position prior to load

- Can be used for tee work, soft toss, front toss, and live pitching

- Not for game use


- Increased exit velo

- Increased Rotational Acceleration

- Prevent ground balls

- Powerful follow-through

- Increased forearm/wrist strength

- Helps keep hands flat from extension to follow-through

- Improved swing mechanics

- Develop timing and muscle memory

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