Dynaswing Baseball and Softball Training Bats
Image of Dynaswing 18” One-Hand Training Bat

Dynaswing 18” One-Hand Training Bat


Engineered under the same manufacturing process as Dynawing's regular training bats to ensure superior performance, the One-Hand Training Bat is cut to heighten hand-eye coordination and strengthen your top hand to improve your swing and improve reaction time. The trainer has 4 oz of dense material that travels over 7 inches inside the barrel.

- Contains Dynaswing's Patent Pending Dynamic Core Technology
- Great for youth players and professional instruction
- Top Hand Training
-Bottom Hand Training
- TIghten bat path
-Stregthens hands and wrists
-Builds Muscle Memory
- Helps develop a powerful follow-through
- Keep hands flat through the zone

- Reinforced with aluminum to ensure quality and durability
- Use for Softtoss
- Hit of a tee
- Solid Split Maple Construction

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