Dynaswing Baseball and Softball Training Bats


What is Dynamic Core Technology?

Our training bats contain Dynamic Core Technology, which is our revolutionary technology contained inside the barrel. Each training bat has 11-13 inches inside the bat where weighted material travels. When the hitter swings, the material shoots to the end of the bat, creating centripetal force. This momentum created forces the hands flat through the zone which prevents the hands from rolling over. The momentum also carries the hands through contact and extension which helps to create a more powerful follow-through.

What is the difference between the Standard and Advanced Model?

The STANDARD MODEL is the perfect training tool for players who are average in size/skill/bat speed. The Standard Model is great for players looking to correct their bat path, eliminate bat drag, and prevent hand/wrist casting. The Standard Model is designed to be similar to a game bat but may feel 10-15% heavier. While the Standard Model is slightly heavier than a game bat, it will feel more balanced than top heavy due to the constant movement of the internal weight. This is a great place to start, and can lead to a transition to the Advanced Model.

The ADVANCED MODEL is perfect for players who are above average skill/size with elite bat speed. If you swing a bigger size bat for your age, then the Advanced Model will be a perfect fit. The Advanced Model is great for upper body strength development, improving bat speed, and creating an overall explosive and compact swing. The Advanced Model will typically feel around 20-25% heavier than a traditional game bat.

How are your bats different from other training bats?

Great question. Most other training bats are heavier in weight and don’t reinforce proper mechanics. When training bats are too heavy, this can lead to fatigue and negative reinforcement, which will develop bad habits for the hitter. If the bat is too heavy, the hitter wont be able to get the bat through the zone and will be more detrimental than helpful. What sets our bats apart is the versatility. Unlike most other training bats, you can use Dynaswing Training Bats for a wide variety of drills. From dry cuts to tee work to batting practice,  our bats can be used off live pitching AND batting machines to simulate game situations.

What do you mean by audible correction features?

The dense material inside can serve as a correction feature. Before the hitter swings, the material should all settle towards the middle of the bat. This ensures the hands are in the correct vertical position prior to starting the swing. If the hands are in the incorrect position, the material will start to shift prematurely. As the hitter swings, the material should shift closer to contact and extension. If the material shifts too early, this means that the hitter dropped their hands and let the barrel drag through the zone, resulting in a pop up.

How durable are your bats?

Our bats are reinforced with aluminum tubing, making them virtually indestructible from the barrel up. Our bats are also made of very durable hand-split maple, which is harder and more durable than regular maple.

How long is the turn-around time?

With all of our sizes in stock on our site, please allow 1-2 days before your bat is shipped out. After that, please allow 3-5 days for shipping.

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