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Dynaswing Training Bat 34 Inch

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We are now introducing some of the hottest technology to hit the training bat market in years!

The Dynaswing Maple Wood Training bats are built to allow players to develop excellent timing and muscle memory through improved swing mechanics. These bats go about achieving those goals by providing a 3 prong benefit through their Dynamic Core Technology. Dynaswing has built the bat with a reinforced aluminum core. That aluminum section of the bat's center is what contains the Dynamic Core Technology of the bat. The bat's aluminum center is filled with a dense, dynamic material that is going to create auditory triggers and momentum-assisting benefits.

(1) The first benefit occurs before the swing once you have brought the bat to a proper and upright position, you'll hear the material within the bat's core start to drop into the handle of the bat. This indicates that your hands are in the ideal spot to begin your swing.
(2) Next, as you start to bring your hands through the hitting zone, you'll once again hear the material in the bat move from the handle and back into the barrel at the point of contact. If you hear that material moving back into the barrel early, that indicates that you have dropped your hands/shoulders (did not have hands in the palm-up, palm-down orientation) or cast your hands.
(3) Third and finally, the momentum that has been created from the material moving back into the barrel should allow your follow-through to be strong.

Overall, if you make perfect swings with the Dynaswing Bat, you should see increased exit velocity on the baseballs you hit and more line drives!

All Dynaswing bats come with a 30-day money-back guarantee
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Made From Quality Maple Wood Material

Reinforced Aluminum Core To Allow For Extended Durability

Dynamic Core Tech (Starting Position) - Within The Aluminum Core; A Dense, Dynamic Material Falls To The Handle Of The Bat When Hands Are In A Proper Upright Position Before The Swing. This Creates An Auditory Indicator For The Batter.

Dynamic Core Tech (Swing) - As The Player Swings, The Material Travels To The End Of The Bat (Once Again Creating Auditory Feedback). This Forces The Hands Flat & Forward To Contact (Preventing Roll-Overs).

Dynamic Core Tech (Follow Through) - The Momentum Created From The Material And Swing Pushes The Barrel Through The Zone To Allow For A Powerful Follow Through.

The Benefits Of The Dynaswing Bat Are That The Batter's Hands Are Flatter (Up-And-Down Orientation) At Contact With A Baseball. This Creates Less Ground Balls (i.e. Roll-Overs), A Powerful Follow-Through & Higher Exit Velocities.

Frequent Training With The Dynaswing Bat Should Improve Swing Mechanics & Develop Excellent Timing + Muscle Memory


The STANDARD MODEL is a good training tool for players who are average in size/skill/bat speed. The standard model is great for players looking to fix their bat path, eliminate bat drag, and prevent casting. The standard model is designed to be similar to a game bat but may feel a bit heavier. While the Standard Model is slightly heavier than a game bat, it will feel more balanced than top-heavy due to the constant movement of the internal weight. This is a great place to start and can lead to a transition to the Advanced Model.
The ADVANCED MODEL is great for players who are above average skill/size with elite bat speed. If you swing a bigger size bat for your age, then the Advanced Model could be perfect. The Advanced Model is great for upper body strength development, improving bat speed, and creating an overall explosive swing. The Advanced Model will typically feel noticeably heavier than a traditional game bat while being mildly top-heavy

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